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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Model examination for B.Ed online

 29/07/2021 - 3/08/2021

The model exam question papers was scheduled in your Google classrooms by 9.50am which was activated by 10 am, for 2 Hrs. Upto 12.30pm it will be available,  after finishing exam students  have to upload the scanned copy of answer books in pdf form to the classroom itself..

 Time table 

July 29 Knowledge and Curriculum:Philosophical and sociological Perspectives.
July 30 Developmental Perspectives of the Learner.
July 31 Technology and Communication in Education.
Aug 2 Theoretical Base of Education
Aug 3 Pedagogic Content Knowledge Analysis

All classes except Malayalam and Social Science have to upload papers to respective teachers Namely Dr.Maya( Edu01), Dr.Gibi(Edu02), Dr.Joju (Edu03). Malayalam and Social Science have to upload all their papers to Dr.Ancy all three papers to balance evaluation. Optional exam in optional classrooms. After downloading students have to enter the Google class link given and mark attendance and keep video on demand by invigilators.

Guidelines for uploading paper is as follows

# Open Google classroom
# Click classwork
# Click the assigned question paper which is uploaded
# After completing the exam
# Click Add work (in the bottom of the phone)
# Next comes a scanner(scan the answer sheet)
# Click the button in the bottom left side (+sign) for add more pages
# Next  Save it
# Before closing the class  don't forget to Hand in (at the bottom) to ensure your submission